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Exilis Elite; Facial

Exilis Elite high energy radio frequency and focused ultrasound.

Clinically proven to lift and tighten the skin.  Controlled heat is delivered deep into the skin.  This causes disruption of the collagen fibres, resulting in collagen remodelling and tightening and lifting.

Can also be used to treat double chins.  The heat stimulates local metabolism which results in fat breakdown.

The technology is highly controlled to deliver accurate heating and cooling, combined with mechanical waves.  Skin temperature is constantly monitored to allow the skin to reach optimal temperature in the shortest amount of time.  This provides a comfortable treatment with outstanding results.

This treatment increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts which produce new collagen and elastin.  This non-invasive treatment is painless, effective and a long term non-surgical lifting and tightening treatment option.

This treatment was voted one of the “go to’ treatments in Tatler’s cosmetic surgery guide 2018

Exilis Elite Treatment Costs

  • We recommend a course of 4 treatments £1000
  • Single treatment £350
  • Eye treatment £200
  • Double chin treatment £200

Elysia Collagen Facial Lift

Using Radio Frequency energy along with DMA (Dynamic muscle activation).  Improves lines, wrinkles and pore size.  Provides lift and tightening.  The heat produces an immediate contraction of the collagen.  A course of treatments will provide lasting results (will need maintenance).

Elysia Collagen Facial Lift Treatment Costs

  • £75 per treatment
  • £650  Course of 10 treatments

Exilis Elite Facial Treatments Before and After Images